“Mother”, possibly my favorite word.
Not merely for the feelings it evokes,
But for the grace and elegance with
Which it demands to be spoken.
“Mata” is what I call my mother
When I’m trying to be cheeky.
It has a cheerful ring to it. It tumbles
Out in a lively, carefree tone, a tone
Filled with affection.
But the one word I use to
Call out to my mother, who
Constantly supports me,
And gives me advice; nurtures and cares for me.
Who provides compassion and empathy,
Who has done more for me
Than I could ever repay- the word I
Use, is “Maa”.
It feels like home. Merely saying
It makes me feel enveloped in a bubble of
Warmth and belonging.
It is the one word that makes me feel like
My mum, is most mine.
“Maa”. Rustic, brewing with comfort and emotion
And a sense of protection.
The one word that fully fathoms my feelings
For this woman, who has done so much for me,
Is “maa”. She’s the most beautiful woman there ever could be.

Dec 03, 2014


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