I want to sing till my lungs burst,
And dance till my feet hurt.
I want to gallop like a horse, till I’m breathless and can run no more,
And jump till I can touch the sky.
I want to splash on beaches,
And laugh like a child.
I want to climb trees like a monkey,
And flap my hands around like a penguin possessed.
I want to scream till a voice I have no more,
And walk untill my soles wear out.
I want to jump into a pile of leaves,
And lay in the grass, gazing at the stars.
I want to run in a field of flowers,
And prance around a room full of candles.
I want to blow bubbles and squeal in delight
As I poke at them like an amused child.
I wish to run into a flock of pigeons
And watch as they flutter away, hysterical.
I want to speed and have my hair be blown like a kite.
I want to hop around with a bundle of balloons.
I want to live without an audience.
And what better way to live like there is nobody watching,
Than to be invisible?

Dec 24, 2014


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