Give a man a mask,
And watch his facades fall.
Give a man a smile, he
Will expect something more.
Give the man a blanket,
And he will love the cold.
Give the man a penny,
And watch him demand more.
Satisfy the man’s needs,
And watch his wants grow.

Give a man a pen,
He’ll use it to create worlds.
Give him a sword,
And he will form divisions.
Give a man a name,
And he will make it a symbol.
Give a man an ultimatum,
And watch him live to the fullest.
Give a man a boundary,
And watch him aim for the stars.

Give a man a diamond, and
Watch him search for rubies.
Give a man originality, and watch
Him yearn for the herd.
Give a man words, and
Watch him break hearts.
Give a man a voice, and
Hear him silence the rest.
Give a man a home, and watch
As he transforms it into a house.
Give man a fortune,
And watch as he is uprooted.

Jan 04, 2015


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