I always considered cascading waterfalls
As the epitome of enchanting,
Until I realized that meandering
Rivers are just as captivating.
I always thought of hazel as mesmerizing,
Until I realized that chocolate browns are equally mysterious.
I thought that towering high above all, was demanded by beauty.
I wondered how rose pink could
Ever be as attractive as plum red.
Or how small paws could ever be classified as elegant.
I pondered over all I was missing, all the
Characteristics that seemed to be absent.
It then struck me, that rivers have their own course
To run; dark browns could sometimes shine gold in the sun;
Brevity had its own charm; rose pinks were mildly eye-catching;
Paws were not meant to be elegant, but for stealth.
And I was meant to be nothing but a blended compound of everything extraordinary.

Dec 17, 2014


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