An unknown destination.
A path, untouched.
A meal, never been tasted before,
With strangers one has yet to meet.
A shiver in the cold.
A sweat in the heat.
A dive in the mysterious
Depths of the ocean.
A step closer to the peak.
A dance in the rain.
A speeding ski in the snow.
A nap in a forest.
A twirl in a carpet of leaves.
A fall in a puddle of muck.
A view, unseen.
Celebrations of seasons and religions.
Events of history and politics.
Unique forests and skies;
Sands and soils.
A mountain, not conquered.
A virgin river.
A familiar face amongst a
Crowd of the unfamiliar.
A moment of silence
In a deafening din.
An island of serenity
In a sea of chaos.
A journey unending.
An experience unraveling.
A growth of the soul.
A life, without stopping.
A bohemian vagabond with
An insatiable wanderlust.

Jan 05, 2015


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