Black Diamond.

My love for her is much like my
Love for mushrooms.
A gradual gowth in my fondness
For the subtle flavors she held.
Waiting to burst forth
When provided with
The right amount of warmth.

An unusually dark beauty,
She sparkles like dew drops
In the rising sun.
She holds depth and darkness,
But only allows one to witness
The twinkle in her eyes,
The happiness in her smile,
Her beauty in every action.
Her voice, the melody
Of wind chimes on a windy day.
Her smile, like a candle
In a dark room.
Eyes like the bright stars
And warmth like the bonfire
On a cold winter evening.
Her mere presence, euphoria.
She asks questions
That open my very soul
And unravel all the secrets hidden
In the vaults of my being.
She sings with the voice of an angel.

Nobody knew the priceless course
Of this voyage when
The ship set sail.
The only occupants,
A diluted reality
And a black diamond.
Her black diamond.

Dec 30, 2014


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