‘Away’ is a mystical place.
One with a sky
Whose darkness
Is mitigated by the refractions
Of the Aurora and
The moon and stars
On the clouds above
And the snow below
Pure white snow,
As untouched
As fresh milk from a cow.

‘Away’ is a cold place,
Covered in white blankets.
The white broken by
The yellow flame
Of a raging bonfire
As it warms the shivers away.

‘Away’ is a place with silence.
Silence that is made louder
By the musical chirp of the birds
And soft melodies of the waterfalls.

‘Away’ is a place with chaotic serenity
And satisfying lonesomeness.
With silent music
And blindingly bright darkness. With cold warmth
And desolate companionship.
Away is a place I could call home.

Jan 09, 2015


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